• Adentro

  • Hero

  • Tomboy

  • Georgia: Faces of Resistance

  • 10 to 11

  • Western Movie

  • Tsar

  • Journey of no return

  • Na putu

  • Damage

  • Habibti

  • Un coeur simple

  • Code blue

  • Mamma Gogo

  • In a better world

  • Leila

  • Dead souls

  • Innocent saturday

  • Dzi Croquettes

  • Dead girl's feast

  • Sahe

  • Silence

  • Love stories

  • Arahet

  • 40

  • Blue eyes

  • Tamboro

  • Virtualities

  • Tilt

  • It's gonna be all right

  • Letter from the desert

  • Henry de Navarre

  • Attenberg

09 October - Cinema EFORIE
10.00 - Țarul (Царь /Tsar ) (116 min)
12.10 - TOMBOY (Tomboy) (81 min)
14.00 - Restul e tăcere (The Rest is silence) (114 min)
16.15 - Într-o lume mai bună (HÆVNEN/ In a better world) (113 min)
ENTRANCE : 1 leu
Ro-IFF is organized under the High Patronage of the Romanian President and it is the only international film festival that, from the very beginning, looked towards the Black Sea region's film industry (Russia, Moldavian Republic, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Romania). Ro-IFF is also the only festival focusing on the activity of women Directors in Cinema.
But the most important thing about the RO-IFF is its very existence, despite the ridiculous amount of increasingly reduced financing, which the National Centre of Cinematography CA approves for its production, and thus to promote film literacy and Romania's image around the world. For the same reason, movie fans cannot enjoy free access to festival, as they did at the previous editions, nor can we submit as many films.
Even under these conditions, RO-IFF enjoys international recognition, which helped us to enjoy, this year as well, guests which are notable presences of world cinema, films and Oscar-winning directors.
This year, we will try to make a more visible festival, more alive, even if, for financial reasons, it will be a smaller one!


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