About the festival

The “Artis Foundation” is the organiser of the “Romania International Film Festival“. Founded in 2005, it is the only international film festival that, from the very beginning, looked towards the Black Sea region’s film industry (Russia, Moldavian Republic, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Romania). Initially founded for the film productions mentioned above, due to it’s growth in 2009, another competiv section was added – Woman in cinema. In the same year we chose the name Ro-IFF, a name that best represents us.

The festival has grown every year and became noticed abroad due to it’s original concept, the quality of the submitted movies as well as the events included in the official program.

Since 2006 each edition received  the High Patronage of the President of Romania.

In 2005 the first edition dedicated only to Black Sea Region productions took place in Constanta (Black Sea Romanian Coast). We presented only 12 films and we had 10 guests.

In 2006, 2007, 2008 we moved in Bucharest. Already the editions grows up each year. Many films, more sections and many guests year by year.

The 2009 edition, held in Arad enjoyed the highest attention from the foreign press. It has also been the edition with the largest number of films and most guests, about 60 films and about 60 special guests attended the festival. It was the year when we added the competitive section “Woman in Cinema” dedicated to woman director.

It was a spectacular edition considering also the events that took place. Thus, Emir Kusturica and the „No Smoking” band, held the opening concert of the festival and received the Award of Excellence. The closure was marked by the presence in Arad of the Oscar winning actor Kevin Costner. Together with his band, „Modern West”, Kevin held a concert, the first of the European tour he had in 2009. We were delighted with his beautifull, heart warming music. Emy Dragoi had an interesting program including live music overlaped with images of silent movies. The artist chose for this show, Charlie Chaplin films. The closing gala brought to us on stage Cornelia Tihon. She performed at traditional Romanian instruments, traditional music from the winning films countries.

With more than 80 films, more than 60 guests, with an exceptional Closing Night (Nicola Piovani and quintet concert), with the presence of Eurimages President and other guests from Eurimages, in 2010 the sixth edition accomplished an work of many years dedicated to promotion of culture, of cinema and filmmakers.

2011, brought, again, more than 70 films and more than 70 guests… and of, course, two very important guests: Julie Taymor and Elliot  Goldenthal During “2x3” we presented Frida, Across the Univers and The Tempest directed by Julie.

Thenceforth, Ro-IFF aims at promoting art cinema, promoting productions coming from the Black Sea region and Women's director. We believe that the emergence of ladies in this profession brought a greater sensitivity to the seventh art. Ro-IFF will present some of the most important annual films of the moment. But Ro-IFF is primarily a festival of films for the public. Official selection of films, whether competing or not, will allure you into theaters!

Come and see the films selected in the eight edition, Ro-IFF 2012.

 “Artis Foundation” was founded in 1998 and has as main objectives the support and promotion of culture, young people active in culture, including the young filmmakers, distribution and promotion of European and the Black Sea region’s cinema values, an area with high cultural diversity and great cultural potential.