Romania International Film Festival (Ro-IFF) is the only international film festival that, from the very beginning, looked towards the Black Sea region’s film industry (Russia, Moldavian Republic, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Romania). Initially founded for the film productions mentioned above, due to it’s growth in 2009, another competive section was added – Woman in cinema.

Ro-IFF is the only festival organized in Romania under the Patronage of the President of Romania. We have this Patronage from 2005.
  • focuses on the promotion of European  Cinema, a mirror reflecting the needs and mentalities of different societies;
  • is paying a special attention to the new  filmmaking including its own way of film expression.
  • is paying a special attention to production from Black Sea Region
  • is ment to be a link between countries which will have the opportunity of openly and directly compete with productions from all over the world.
  • promotes women director,  in cinema.
  • promote the multicultural diversity, creativity in cinema, innovation and the dialogue between the professionals.
  • Members of the Juries will be Romanian and internationally well known personalities; any connection with films presented it’s forbidden.
  • The long feature films submitted to the festival will be screened in 35 mm. Under exceptional circumstances, the Festival’s management could ask for Beta Digital, DVCam, miniDV or DVD. NTSC format can be accepted only for MiniDV or/and DVCam
  • The documentaries and shorts submitted to the festival will be screened only in Beta Digital, DVCam, miniDV or DVD. The films selected in Uderground section will be presented as above.
  • All films presented in the festivals should be submitted in the original language,  with English or French subtitles. A dialogue list and a DVD should be submitted in advance, in order to make the necessary arrangements for electronic subtitling into Romanian.
  • Submission of a film must be made on the official Festival entry form duly completed and sent to the Festival before 1st of August, each year. The sender shall inform the Festival about the details of shipment. The preview DVD will not be return. The film selected can not be withdrawn from the competition.
  • The customs fees and cost of insurance of all prints offered for selection must be borne by the producers or responsible authorities. The Festival is paying for the transport of films and is responsible for cost of storage and insurance of films while on the premises of the Festival.
  • In case of damage of a print , either during the selection process or at the Festival itself, the Festival is only responsible for the cost involved in making a new print according to the current laboratory rates for ordering a standard print in Romania;
  • The DVD for the selection committee shall be sent together with the dialogue list in English or French and with sufficient documentation, promotion and advertising material to allow the best promotion of the film.
  • The Festival is empowered to distribute these promotional materials to interested television channels, upon request.
  • When submitting a film please send the DVD with subtitles in English or French
  • If the film is selected please send long and short synopsis, principal cast and crew members, logline, 2-3 stills, bio-filmography of director, director photo; please mention if it is the first or second film of director; any publicity materials you have, the DVD with the trailer and 3-4 images from films; if the materials will not reach the Festival, the Festival director can withdraw the film from the competition;
  • The Festival accepts long feature (min. 60 min.), documentaries (until 30 min. and over), short features (maximum 30 min.), completed after 1st of January of the year before the Festival; the films selected  must not been commercially distributed in Romania; with exception, films from “Woman in cinema” or from some countries from Black Sea Region (having low audiovisual production) could be completed after 1st of January two years before the Festival;
  • The films will be presented 3 times according to FIAPF rules. The Festival abides to not hold for each film more than the three screening allowed by the international regulations, except for the winner or nominated films which can have other projections, for promoting them and/or the Festival.
  • If you accept to submit your film, you accept also the rules
4. SECTIONS AND FILMS(Official Selection)
  1. CineBlackSea competitive regional program for feature films: films must be from Russia, Republic of Moldavia, Ukraina, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Bulgaria, Turquie, Greece and Romania 
  2. Woman in Cinema – competitive international section for feature films directed by women
  3. Doc & Shorts - competitive international section for documentaries and shorts
  4. Underground – competitive section, international open ( please see the specific rules)
  5. Focus – non competitive section; review of the opera of one personality (directors, producers, actors, director’s of photography,)
  6. Panorama – non competitive section dedicated to “films of the moment” highly appreciated in other festivals, or special program.
  7. 2 x 3 – non competitive section dedicated to one man director and one woman director; for each director we will present 3 films
  8. Romania cinema – each edition will present Romanian films, older and newer, in collaboration with National Romanian Archive and National Center of Cinema.

A number of cash prizes can  be presented depending of the Festival decision. Only one ex-aequo prize can be accorded but only with the Festival acceptance. It’s not mandatory to present each year all the prizes. The Festival will decide.

     -  Festival Trophy
     -  Best CineBlackSea Director
     -  Best Woman Director
     -  Best Actor Award (male or female, regardless the section)
     -  Best Documentary
     -  Best Short
     -  Best underground film

The amounts are subject to the Romanian taxation system and the Romanian financial situation, because Ro-IFF is using public money.

  • In case of misunderstanding of the rules, the Festival will decide
  • The films can not be withdrawn from the Festival
  • When a film is submitted, the producer accept the rules of the festival.

Shipping the preview  DVD
Cost of shipping to the festival is covered by the entrant.  Each preview must be marked with the title of the entry. Entrant's identification must be on the case and the tape. Please use only plastic or bubble-pack cases when shipping entries - no fiber cases please! Do not forget to specify on your package the following mention: For cultural purposes only – no commercial value
No preview DVD will be sent back to the original sender, whether or not the film has be selected or not.

When the film is selected, the Festival must receive a dvd from each film, together with the screening format.

Shipping the PRINTS – After selection procedure the producers/distributors will be announce where to send the festival prints.


Deadline : 1st  of July each year                       

Usually only the films released between 3 years before the Festival will be selected for the competition (short, documentaries, feature or animated films).

What is « underground » ?
It is always easier for the filmmakers to decide if their film is underground or not. But to give an idea of what we are looking for, we think that underground films do not make any compromise to be made or to be seen. Underground films accept no limits, no censorships and always present an innovative point of view. Our purpose then is to support and promote films that push boundaries and break new ground -- that challenge, entertain and provoke. Experimental, alternative, independent … underground
We seek to bring to the audience films that can not be exhibited for the public and therefore the films could not be see  in „clasics film festivals” even if no genre or concept must be excluded from consideration. Our hop fis that together we can remind audiences that underground cinema does exists.


How to Submit a film
Send a preview copy of your film to the selection committee.  Accepted format are: DVD (not NTSC).

Each entry must be accompanied by

  • a completed entry form (photocopies are acceptable) per film
  • a press kit if available (the absence of press kit has no influence on the selection)

Accepted screening formats : we can accept NTSC format only for MiniDV or/and DVCam!

  • DVCam
  • Mini DV
  • DVD

A Note on “Category”
Many works can enter defy easy classification, but it’s important for us that you check only ONE category for your entry. So please follow these guidelines:  

  • If it is a documentary or animation, check one of those categories. If it’s not a documentary, and not animation, and it has a story, check narrative feature (for works 60 minutes and over) or narrative short (for works under 60 minutes).
  • For the purposes of our event, “experimental” is used exclusively for non-narrative, non-documentary works. If it’s not a documentary, and does not have a story, then check experimental.
  • If you feel that your film fits experimental and animation equally, we recommend that you choose animation.
  • If you don’t follow the above guidelines, we will re-classify your entry appropriately!

Entry fee
There is no entry fee

Shipping the preview  DVD
Cost of shipping to the festival is covered by the entrant.  Each preview must be marked with the title of the entry. Entrant's identification must be on the case and the tape. Do not forget to specify on your package the following mention: For cultural purposes only – no commercial value
No preview DVD will be sent back to the original sender, whether or not the film has be selected or not.

All entries must be mailed to:

ARTIS Foundation / Ro- IFF
Film Entry
Attn. Cornelia Palos
61, Romulus street; sector 3

Shipping the exhibition prints
The go transport to the Festival of selected feature films would be at your charge. The return will be at our charge, if the screening support is different from the preview tape.
The go transport of selected short film prints would be at your charge. The return transport of selected short films print would be at our charge, if the screening support is different as the preview tape.

Entry does not guarantee placement in the program. However, each submission will be carefully considered. If your film is chosen, you will be notified current of August  before the festival.

For more informations, contact us :

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Festival Director